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The Green Silk Journal
The 2023 Fall Green Silk Journal is now available!
Pushcart Prize
Fall Green Silk Journal
Check out the Current Issue!
The Way You Just Shine
New Poetry from The Green Silk Journal's editor.
Green Silk Journal
Fall Issue now available!
GSJ Spring Deadline
Deadline for submissions.
Pushcart Prize Nominees
Pushcart Prize nominees, Season's Greetings!
Green Silk Journal
Autumn Issue.
Update for GSJ.
No Winter Issue for 2018
Green Silk Journal
The Green Silk Journal Fall Issue.
Greensilk Journal
New Issue Available.
NEW EMAIL ADDRESS for Submissions.
SPRING ISSUE deadline extended.
The Greensilk Journal updated issue.
We've updated the latest issue with Pushcart Prize nominees, Spring guidelines, and photos.
Greensilk Journal Spring Issue
Spring 2016 Greensilk Journal is now available.
Submissions for Spring 2016 now open.
Tell us a story in 11 words!
Winter 2016 Greensilk Journal
The new issue of Greensilk Journal is available!
The Fall Greensilk Journal
The latest issue of GSJ is now available!
The Greensilk Journal
The Spring Greensilk Journal is available for viewing.
The Greensilk Journal
Winter Issue
The Fall Greensilk Journal is Availble.
www.thegreensilkjournal.citymax.com current issue.
Spring/Summer Greensilk Journal
Current Issue Available.
Submissions Lost-Please re-submit.
Writers with recent acceptances.
The Winter Issue of The Greensilk Journal
Feb. 2014 Issue Now Available.
Winter Greensilk Journal
The Current Issue of The Greensilk Journal is now available!
The Fall GSJ, Pushcart Prize Nominations.
New Issue Announcement, PCP nominees.
The Spring Greensilk Journal Issue
April 29th, 2011- issue date
GSJ Book Reviews
Greensilk offers book reviews!
Submissions Open for Fall 2008
Open submissions until August 15th, 2008.