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Dear loyal Readers and Writers,

Oh, you are sure to enjoy the Current Issue of Greensilk. Tom Sheehan weaves another heartwarming tale, as does Michael C. Keith as well as Linda Thornton Peterson. Additionally, stunning poetry by many regulars with new contributors: Ag Synclair, Robert L. Martin and Terri Hadley Ward, will keep you thought provoked, dreamy and warm.

Can you believe Greensilk has been online for ten years this October?
What a joy to read and present the seasoned as well as the unseasoned writers to the world three times every year. Let's shoot for another ten years! To celebrate, we are considering publishing a Best Of edition. More details in the Spring issue!

Congrats to Daniel Clausen! GSJ has nominated his essay, " Youth and its Discontents" for the Pushcart Prize from the Spring Issue of last year.

Stay Warm~ Kim Hazelwood
with co-editor Will Haley