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Autumn 2013 Greensilk Journal

This editor is exceedingly proud to present this amazing Autumn issue of The Greensilk Journal! What an interesting mix of styles, thought provoking ideas and imagination, from the devil in a teacup, to Pea Soup and otters in the attic, to annoying buzzards. I welcome the new contributors and savor the old-timers for their increasing brilliance, and a major round of applause for Tom Sheehan's latest JTR(Joy to read) which somehow manages to combine the love of poetry, hope and crime altogether. Yes, Emily Dickinson proved once again to be a curative, essentially!.... Usually the general theme guidelines for GS are anything seasonal, and sometimes some interesting themes just organically seem to evolve from the best of the submissions, but this time, along with the beautiful Fall themes, there was a noted tendancy towards Boundaries, personal and sometimes physical.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a cup of Pumpkin-spiced Something and savor The latest Greensilk Journal! (Just click on the links at the top.)

Thanks for your continued loyalty!- Kim Hazelwood, editor