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Current Issue/Spring 09

Poetry Page 1 Poetry Page 1

Inductions  by Barb Lundy

Desert Yield  by Barb Lundy

The Newly Minted Dusk  by Bobbi Sinha-Morey

The Breast of Spring  by Bobbi Sinha-Morey

Poetry Page 2

Under The Sky World  by Daniel Wilcox

Hardwood Tap Dancer  by Daniel  Wilcox

Shipwrecked  by Sergio Ortiz

Poetry Page 3

Argueing   by Mike Berger

Clueless Poet   by Mike Berger

On Being a  Ph d   by Mike Berger

Blowing On A Fly  by Drew Lankford

Poetry Page 4

Gingerbread Lady  by Michael lee Johnson

Rod Stroked Survival with a Deadly Hammer  by Michael Lee Johnson

Doing  by Peter Tetro

Flashers and Floaters  by Peter Tetro




Stories Page 1

 On Hens And Elephants And Being Like Them   by Gale Martin



Stories Page 2

A Lovely Picture   by Michael C. Keith



Stories Page 3

Truck Stop Virgin ( A Comedy of E.R.A.'s)  by Carolyn Wolfe

Stories Page 4

Dessert at Two Sisters  by Linda Thornton-Peterson

Flowers For A Lady  by Jeff Lacy

Stories Page 5

The Alter  by Nadine Gallo

Inside at the Counter I am God  by Carol Reid