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Under the Sky World

    by  Daniel Wilcox


Under the sky world

Below the sloshing white caps,

Liquid life undulates down through

The watery sphere's domain;


A soft brilliance of rays from

Above strike silver lines down

Through the deepening green

While strange denizens move in

Rhythmic concertos;


A great turtle flippers alone, dull-jade submarine;

Then sheened orchestras of under creatures

Tuna, halibut, and cod their way

In a Strauss waltz west with the current;


Snorkeling deeper

Finned life multiplies to the seventh

Wide oceans crowded round,

Translucent, entrailed, scaled and numinous;

Scuttling down to endless flips of tail

Iridescent, orange, purple, yellow;


Suddenly spades-black ink billows out

Deep in the guts of the world's water

To the side of the neon coral,

So mused reefs,

Expanding, darkening the undermost

Arms, arms, arms, and arms—

Many a league,

The fabled



Hardwood Tap Dancer

    by  Daniel  Wilcox


At the oak door

Your young golden retriever—

Who chewed through the metal

Water pipe and flooded your rental



That infamous hound, now

Head wagging the air to tailed excess,

Greets me like his long lost master

In a bounding tap dance of 'appaws'

Clack, clack, clacking

Across your shiny hardwood floor

To a sliding dognail-scratched stop,

Frenzied movement and pointed-pup

Cold wet nosing;

With joy, he's the wonder










Daniel Wilcox earned his degree in Creative Writing from Cal State University, Long Beach. A former activist, teacher, and wanderer--from Montana to the Middle East-- he casts his lines out upon the world's turbulent waters and wide shores in Moria, Tipton Poetry Journal, The Scruffy Dog Review, The Writer's Eye, etc. Poems will soon be published in Frame Lines and Wild Violet. A short story, "The Faces of Stone" based on his time in the Middle East, was published in both The Danforth Review and Danse Macabre. Recently, Daniel completed a speculative novel and a poetry collection. He lives on the central coast of California with his mysterious wife and youngest son.




   by Sergio Ortiz



I am

the sailboat


of seagulls


to the magnolias

between your



the meeting


that interweaves

your voice

and dreams,


all the colors

of throbbing





from my shoulders


your lips.


If your ocean

had a door,

I'd shipwreck

my breath

against it.




Bio: Sergio Ortiz grew up in Chicago, studied English literature at Inter-American University in San German, Puerto Rico, and philosophy at World University. He was an ESL teacher most of his life but also worked with the elderly blind population as a Daily Living Skills Instructor for the El Paso Lighthouse for the Blind, and the Texas Lions Camp. He studied culinary art at The Restaurant School in Philadelphia and became a chef.


His work has been published, or is pending publication, in Origami Condom, Poets Ink

Review, POUI The Cave, Flutter, Silenced Press, Cause & Effect, The Cherry Blossom Review, Ink Sweat & Tears, Ascent Aspirations, Cause & Effect, The Battered Suitcase, Yellow Medicine, Shipwright, Ballard Poetry Review, and over three dozen other Journals, Magazines, and Anthologies.