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Poetry Winter 2014

Poetry 1

The Deadly Christmas Curse    by   William  Doreski

Winter's Bed     by   Eira  Needham

Offerings     by   Tim  Marsh

Poetry 2

The Miracle of Water     by Julia Hones

19 Degrees     by  William G. Davies, Jr.

The Cold   by  Davide Trame

In Praise of Distraction   by Davide Trame

Poetry 3

In the Tide  by Ion Corcos

Pockets   by Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper

The Salt of Wisdom   by Julia Hones

Winter Wash    by  Carolyn Wolfe

Moments  by   Carolyn Wolfe

Poetry 4

Cold Mourning   by  William G. Davies, Jr.

Angel   by Joan McNerney

Dance and Dream  by  Carmen VonTickner