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Poetry  3  Winter  2014



In the Tide


    by   Ion Corcos


On the shore a stranded shell                   

unable to move its weight alone,

only by the force of waves

or a curious hand that reaches to it, 

this barren and directionless thing.


Trapped in the tidal drag

the shell rolls slow,

scores small dents,

finite signs in the sand

till the sea, once more, lets go. 


Trickling channels form

a shallow moat;

high on a mound,

a brief landscape,
the shell the castle.


Once it housed a mollusc,

shielded it from ship-wreck rocks,

now the shell lies untangled,

no longer stifled

by the sinews of family bonds.


The ocean throws down hard,

pushes blind to dry hot sand,

the shell cast from its crest,

strewn amid seaweed,

sponge and fractured swirls.


Left high, salt dries to rock,

the shell to brittle bone,

its flushed crown faded,

crumbled rim gone,

lodged in the shore.


Bio: Ion Corcos was born in Sydney, Australia. He writes poetry and short stories. Ion’s poems have appeared in Lake City Lights and Zinewest. Ion loves travelling and has recently travelled to Greece and Turkey. He lives with his partner, Lisa, in a small villa by the sea at Sapphire Beach.


        by  Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper
We didn't live in each others
back pockets but we applauded
each success and learned
from the failures in our families
with laughter and tears,
agonized over the loss
of each parent and rejoiced
in the strong legacy they left us.
Now I'm the last
of this generation and only hope
I can belly up to the task.
I'll hold tight to our memories
because you leave a hole
in my life and heart
big brother and I'll miss you.
Bio: Sharon’s poetry has appeared in numerous International, hard copy and internet magazines.  Her chapbook, ‘Reach Beyond’ was winner of a MAG Press, International Chapbook Competition  and she has two chapbooks, Mood Magic and A Slice of Life published by Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry.  Twenty-three of her poems were presented in the play, ‘Soldier’s Heart’ to Sold Out audiences and recorded on DVD. Her latest published pieces are ‘featured’ in the Summer issue of Poetry Quarterly and published in the October issue of Flutter.
The Salt of Wisdom
      by Julia Hones
Washed by emotions
the trunk glows,
worn out at times,
with a refreshed sheen,
the salt of wisdom
keeps it upright,
its strength prevents the fall
and new boughs arise
from the trimmed edges.
The irony of life
is that the more pruning
it gets,
the more intense
the need to thrive,
and more flowers will get to bloom.
Bio: Julia Hones has an incurable addiction to literature and writing, and an endless love affair with words. She writes mainly poetry and short stories. Her works have appeared or are forthcoming in Epiphany Magazine The Greensilk Journal, The Voices Project, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Gadfly Online, The Mindful Word, Coffee Shop Poems, TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism, The Mindful Word, "You, Me & a Bit of We" Anthology, Flash Fiction World, Freedom Forge Press Anthology, Black Mirror Magazine and Skive Magazine. She is the poetry editor of Southern Pacific Review. You can learn more about her published and forthcoming material by visiting her literary blog. -http://juliahoneswritinglife.blogspot.com.

Winter Wash

    by Carolyn Wolfe

The washing machine,

 Diligently laundering my clothes,

 Drenching with suds and rinsing,

 While my dryer fluffs blankets...

 Gives off the illusion of industry,

 While I drowse on the couch.

 Once in a while opening my eyes to gaze at the winter decorations

 Scattered around the room.

 Christmas over, New Year coming...

 Suds working hard to clean,

 To shift from what was, to what is, fresh start all around.

 I close my eyes,

 Not quite ready yet for change.



This  Moment

      by Carolyn Wolfe

This moment is all until the next

 And then the next moment

 Is all encompassing us in fear, or joy, or apathy or trust.

 It consumes, it embraces, it rejoices,

 It hastens us to our destiny

 One moment at a time,

 Enjoy the moment the moment is all....



Bio:Carolyn Wolfe is a free-lance writer, published poet, and author of seven books, which range from poetry to  fantasy and includes children's literature. Her body of work includes: writing articles for newspapers and newsletters,  and hosting poetry events in the Winchester area. Her books include two poetry books, "Notes From The Shadow Self" and "WhenThe Moon Speaks", a collection of original light fantasy stories titled "The Moonsparrow Collection" and three children's books "The Bedtime Of The Sky and Other Sleepy-Bye Stories", The Unhappy Little Dragon Lessons Begin" and "The Unhappy Little Dragon, Lessons Learned". Her newest book "Blades's Magic" is a sword and sorcery adventure for an adult readership. Wolfe lives in Winchester VA with her Husband Scott and many animal companions. Please visit her website at: http://www.whenthemoonspeaks.com/.