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Poetry  2   Winter   2014
The miracle of water
            by Julia Hones
   makes up
water feeds the mould,
and makes up the cascades
that carry the dreams
nobody dared
to sculpt
into realities,
 helps the plants bloom and persist,
        forging a new spring
                around us.
Bio: Julia Hones has an incurable addiction to literature and writing, and an endless love affair with words. She writes mainly poetry and short stories. Her works have appeared or are forthcoming in Epiphany Magazine, The Greensilk Journal, The Voices Project, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Gadfly Online, The Mindful Word, Coffee Shop Poems, TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism, The Mindful Word, "You, Me & a Bit of We" Anthology, Flash Fiction World, Freedom Forge Press Anthology, Black Mirror Magazine and Skive Magazine. She is the poetry editor of Southern Pacific Review.  You can learn more about her published and forthcoming material by visiting her literary blog. - http://juliahoneswritinglife.blogspot.com
19 Degrees
        by   William G. Davies, Jr.
It waits at the door
not bowing inward
or loosening a hinge,
a purple rapture
whose very crescendo
is met turning the knob.
Bio:  WG Davies, Jr., has  published in The Cortland Review, Bluepepper, The Wilderness House Review
and many others. He is also the Poet Laureate of Perry County, Pennsylvania.
      by  Davide Trame

It has come like a tale
whispered in
draughts' dreams
and chinks crashed
with air and stare,
the wind whooshing
all the way in.
The square is stark.
The space clean.
The land vast.
I, a sledge in the mind
and an ark in the heart,
freeze and slide.

           by  Davide Trame

Let me be distracted, no problem even if I might be
“distracted from distraction by distraction” endlessly,
I won’t mind if every glimmer of my conscience
can be in this way just scattered, becoming prey
of the infinitely scattering and inebriating
world’s ways,
but since we know well now that predators and preys
are like any other way leading on to ways, making us
all ineluctably chained,
let me be distracted, let me stay
linked and lost in the clouds, alert and astray.
Bio: Davide Trame  is  an  Italian teacher of  English living in Venice. His poetry collection, "Make  It  Last" was published in January 2013 by Lapwing Publications, Belfast.