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Current Issue Fall 2007


Puhi Paka   by Nanette Rayman Rivera- editor's pick!***  page 1

Locked Away   by Denise Jaden -2nd place!   page 2

Snow Drops  by Maria Pollack    page 2

Dark Psychiatry  by Ann-Marie Spittle  page 2

In The Shadows  by William Falo  page 3

Family Man  by Wayne Scheer   page 4

Misplaced Military  by Gary Beck   page 4

Stories Page 1 Fall 2007
Stories Page 2-Fall 2007
Stories Page 3-Fall 2007
Stories-Page 4-Fall 2007
Poetry Page 1 Fall 2007
Poetry Page 2-Fall 2007
Poetry Page 3 Fall 2007


Nevermore  by Bruce Stirling   page 1

Fall's Arrival  by PA Bees   page 1

The Lady Leaves  by Janet Butler   page 1

Mindful, Mindless, October Date  by Michael Lee Johnson   page 2

Out Here  by Julie L. Moore   page 2

Now  by Ashok Niyogi  page 2

My Love   by JA Howe  page 2

Shadowed Garden  by Daniel Wilcox   page 3

Orange Toss  by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal   page 3

Rilke's Evening  by David McLean   page 3