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The Greensilk Journal  
            * a literary ezine *


 Winter 2009       (Vol. 4  Issue 1)




Ballroom    by David Waite  (pg.1)

Eastern Standard Time   by Christine Potter (pg.1)

A lion of the Spring    by David Waite (pg.2)

Always There, The Gift of Cadenza   by K.D. Hazelwood (pg.2)

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My Black Guitar    by  Michael K White (pg.1)

Celine  by  Milan Smith (pg.1)

The Night Song Singer of Broken Halleluiahs  by Tom Sheehan (pg.2)

Joey  by  David W. Landrum (pg.3)

Just  A  Song by Lynne Taylor (pg.3)

My Brother Roy  in the Underworld   by Nadine Gallo (pg 4)

The Bride to Beat  by Mary Lamphere (pg4)




The Coordinated, Expansive and Coercive Sounds of the Universe   by Levi Dendy