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The Coordinated, Expansive and Coercive Sounds of the Universe

by Levi Dendy


The Standard model, amongst many models, tries to explain the universe and everything in it, but always lack gravity, the ‘God’ particle, the need for a larger particle collider… or something! Einstein’s spacetime appears to be argued from two mathematical perspectives, infinite and finite. Sound or pressure waves have existed since the beginning of the universe according to Mark Whittle at the Department of Astronomy University of Virginia. My theory of mapping the universe supports his pressure wave models of natural oscillating harmonic frequencies throughout the universe.

Instead of mapping a point in space and time with subatomic particles, natural oscillating harmonic frequencies creating coordinated pressure waves provide an area rather than a subatomic point alongside a specified cohesive time (which has so far been dubbed impossible because of the particle/wave theory). If you need something metaphoric (and also musical) to tie natural oscillating harmonic frequencies and the pressure waves they create to, think about a pipe organ. Let’s start with time first.

How does one measure time though? It’s rather selfish to say ‘our’ measurement of time is the way all time is measured, even though gravity flexes our clock’s ability to tell time the further away from the planet we go (time dilation). This flex is like a sound or pressure wave that has existed since the formation of our planet. If we map spacetime in a series of coordinates based on the natural oscillating harmonic frequency and pressure waves created, we should be able to pinpoint any area of time and space throughout the universe.

Paraphrasing Mark, when the universe was small, the relative ‘pitch’ of the universe’s pressure wave was extremely high in frequency with a short wavelength due to the relatively small size the universe was. This means the space available was small and limited for the pressure wave to flex or oscillate within. Today, the universe has grown much larger causing the ‘pitch’ (or pressure wave) to expand to such a large size that it has to be modulated accordingly within the range of the human ear. (Mark Whittle’s research provides some of these tones on his website.)

I developed the ‘meat and potatoes’ of my universal map of time and space while a music student at the University of Southern Mississippi, long before I started reading physics book for clarification as well as proof or denial of its plausibility. After checking out Mark Whittle’s research, I found more and more theoretical support. I’m no math whiz, but it just seems more plausible to coordinate an area for spacetime travel rather than a subatomic point.

The only known thing (or that I know of) that can exist with a subatomic point is a black hole, and I have no desire to have my internal organs strung out into a singularity just to travel anywhere in space and time. (Reconstitution is impossible.) Mapping the whole of space and time is simplified when specifying a sequence of natural oscillating harmonic frequencies of coordinated pressure waves like ripples in a pond.

For example: Take a small pond with a still surface. On one end drop your finger in at the very edge. We will call this the birth of the universe. The ripple in the pond increases in size just as the pressure wave relative to the natural harmonic oscillation of the universe increases in size. (I’m not saying it has to expand in one direction since space theoretically can fold upon itself and the ripples on the surface of the pond are just for illustrative purposes.) Now let’s say it begins to cloud over and sprinkle as the ripple (or the pressure wave of the expanding universe) reaches halfway across the pond. These raindrops give us new ripples that contrapuntally react with the natural oscillating harmonic frequency of the created pressure waves defining the universe as a whole regardless of what is new to it.

One could possibly coordinate any area in space and time with the expanding size of these pressure waves and how their areas intersect and rotate within this pond we call the universe (but only to the edge of the original ripple and far it has traveled, not the entire pond itself). These sequenced coordinates could be a series of harmonic oscillations as such to map any area in space and time according to how far the origination of the pressure wave has expanded, but in this specific order:

1) The Universe
2) The System
3) The Galaxy
4) The Central Star(s) (plural for systems with rotating stars)
5) The Orbital frequency of the planet

We obviously could not travel to or from any planet’s surface because of the effects of time dilation. Pressure waves would vary until reaching the nominal, but infinitely variating orbital frequency (as a coordinate) and the following created pressure waves. The coordinated effort between the natural oscillating harmonic frequencies of these pressure waves designates a specific area of space and time and no single sequence would ever repeat because of the ever expanding universe. Remember how the ripple in the pond started small and continues to expand. Ignore the finite size of the pond; it’s not pertinent to the metaphor.

Relatively speaking, once a minute has passed, it will never repeat itself, but this gives us a rational point in ‘practical’ everyday physics to compare to this sequence of natural oscillating harmonic frequencies and the pressure waves they create to represent any specific area of space and time similar to the areas that are represented by the different time zones.

The questions my time travel theory fails to answer, even after mapping the universe for all space and time with these sequenced natural oscillating harmonic frequencies and the pressure waves they create: How do we ride them? Which way can ride them? Can we hitch a ride on them at all, or only just listen to them? This could also have some ties to the EVP work that the Ghost Hunters perform. Spirits from long ago reflect sound waves back and forth through time with us here in the present, with both parties unable to pull the distortion out of the signal in order to communicate with each other effectively.

Maybe it requires a musical instrument interface similar to a MIDI controller to be attached to the Large Hadron Collider. A little intuition goes a long way especially when considering that most sub atomic particles were theorized years, sometimes decades before we had equipment capable of confirming (or denying) their existence. Perhaps the universe is more musical than I think. Positrons might even offer a musical tone to trace since they are electrons that travel backwards in time. This is just some musical physics for thought.

Here are four wonderful physics books I’ve read recently that might help you shed some light on our musical universe (only as us musicians can hope): Black Holes and Time Warps by Kip Thorne, Quantum Gravity by Lee Smolin, The Theory of Almost Everything by Robert Oerter and Time Travel in Einstein’s Universe by J. Richard Gott. Don’t forget to check up on the 27 mile long Large Hadron Collider’s latest discoveries. (I can’t believe that all of the 2,200 physicists working on the project have good intentions either.) Also check out Mark Whittle’s website: http://www.astro.virginia.edu/~dmw8f/index.php. Enjoy... and explore the very relative possibilities between music and the theory of everything. I have.

Bio: Levi Dendy is an unpublished science fiction writer and musician. He plays and writes a lot of jazz and classical music on piano and guitar. He loves great music and real freedom. How much freedom are you willing to give up for convenience? He says, ‘to hell with convenience’, give me my freedom… not anarchy, not American freedom, not capitalistic freedom, nor any religious ‘bout or standard model musical or not, just real freedom. That rings the sounds of truth in his ears much like his favorite Miles Davis CD, in a silent way. Maybe one day ethical and ideal time travel will be possible. Until then he'll continue sending his natural oscillating harmonic frequencies and the pressure waves they create across this island Earth, one second at a time. Damn… this island is getting crowded.