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Spring 2020

Poetry 1

Garden of Sticks      by   Kara  Goughnour

Talking and Listening     by Ute Carson

Stone    by  Louis Faber

Poetry 2

White Mountain Sunset    by John Grey

Light Reading     by John Grey

After You Set Sail    by  James B. Nicola

Poetry 3

The Schefflera    by Andi Reed

The Old Woman and Her Peacocks   by Kim Hazelwood Haley

Poetry 4

July   by Holly Day

Burning the life away  by Patrick O'Shea

Smatterings   by  James G. Piatt

Poetry 5

Calm   by Eira  Needham

Your Infinity Suit    by  William  Doreski 

The First New Work in a While    by  Ben Nardolilli

Stories 1

The Gemini Room    by Tom Sheehan

Stories 2

Hup Two, My Ass    by Louis Faber

But You Can Call Me John     by John Richmond