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The Greensilk Journal
Spring 2007-Volume 2 Issue 3


STORIES  (links in center of page)                                               

 The Chapel on Mars    by Terry Sanville  Page 1

 How  I  Boinked  John  Cusack   by Gale Martin  Page 2    EDITOR'S  PICK !!!!

 Alone at Sea   by Tom Sheehan  Page 3

Smell The Coffee  by  Robert M. Detman Page 4

The Smallest Distinction in a Universe  by  J.D. Roa Page 5               

Code Yellow  by Kirsten Anderson Page 1

Sketches by Katie   by  T.R. McKee Page  4

Butterflies and Toiletbowls  by  J.C. Lee  Page 2

Frayed Wires  by Desiree Goris Page 2

The Beasts of Orinoco  by  Bill Schweizer Page 1

The Interloper  by John Aleknavage Page 5



Stories Spring 2007 pg 1
Stories-Spring 2007-Pg 2
Stories Spring 2007-pg. 3
Stories Spring 2007 Pg. 4
Stories-Spring 2007 pg 5
Poetry-Spring 2007-Pg.1
Poetry Spring 2007-Pg.2
Poetry-Spring 2007-Pg-3


A Day in My Garden   by Wenona Napolitano  Page 3

Bamboo Flute   by Nadine Gallo  Page 3

Among The Trees   by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal  Page 1

Here, Finally   by James R. Whitley  Page 2

To Solve the Problem of Rain   by Laura LeHew  Page 1

The Roundness of Light   by Richard Fein  Page 3

Reach Out And Touch   by  Davide Trame  Page 2

Zoo   by Peter Schwartz  Page 3

Frozen In Time  by Pete Lee  Page 2

To Each, a Residence  by Ray Succre  Page 1


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