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Poetry-Spring 2007-Pg.1


To Solve the Problem of Rain

        by Laura LeHew

It’s not that he didn’t love her—
could he
2 women at the same time

there’s no measure 4 love
all or nothing or that
green quiet—the eye—the center
of the tornado

love comes sometimes
without rings
without ceremonies

it’s not that he didn’t
love her lies
told—didn’t love
her truths unsaid

though, her last word was no;

weather and women
are the 2 elements
he could never
be certain of

Bio: Laura LeHew  received her MFA in writing from the California College of The Arts. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in such journals as : Her Mark Calendar 2007, PMS, Tiger’s Eye,Pank, and Alehouse Press. She interned for  CALYX Journal in the winter of 2005. Well on her way to being a crazy cat lady she resides in Oregon with her husband and their
five “children.”

   by   Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
I find better
among the trees.
I speak to the
birds who sing from
the branches.
It does not matter
to me if I
can’t understand
a word they say.
I enjoy their
song and presence.
I find myself
among the trees
more often than not.
Bio:  Luis likes and works in LA county and has been published on Laura Hird.com, the Other Side of the Ragged Edge and Open Wide Magazine.


To Each , a  Residence 

         by  Ray Succre




Though ever cramped atop wise words,

the mind whistles under wiser ones,

and tells the consciousness to rat-out the

hours of magnetic regret, tell, infirmly,

and tells reside in broad places,

and spills its bitters over the heart,

then perched inside each repurcussion,

the rhyme of an act and a sadness.


For these good minds, bodies never

conjure breaths, yet do breathe,

and never conjure lives, but do live.


For these born minds, the call is to reside

at once, and look from windows,

and see where they, themselves, go.


Where finches fall and soon claim

wooden homes, where the caps of snakes

strafe for the calf, to each, a land,

to each, a residence.





 BIO: Ray Succre publishes his poetry while trying to broaden himself as a poet and parent.  He is now beginning to send his work out at a more social level.  He tries hard.