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Winter 2007-Volume 2, Issue 1


Poetry                      (scroll down for links)

E Mail To  Damniso Lopez 217  by Duane Locke

E Mail To Damniso Lopez 186   by Duane Locke

Shadow Wager   by Dawn DiBartolo (pg 2)

Elevator Train  by Dawn Dibartolo  (pg 2)

As The Leaves  by Dawn Dibartolo (pg 2)

Dedicated To The One I thought I loved  by Brianne Killoran (pg 3)

Broken Home  by Brianne Killoran(pg 3)

One  by Daniel  E. Wilcox (pg 4)

When She Leaves at Dawn  by John Grey (pg 4)

Den of Thieves  by Chris Mulrooney((pg 4)

Carpet Laying  by Ann-Marie Spittle (pg 3)


Duane Locke
Poetry-Winter 2007-Page 2
Poetry-Winter 2007-Page 3
Poetry - Winter 2007-Pg 4
Short Story-Editor's Pick
Stories Win 2007 Page 2
Stories Winter 2007 Pg.3
Stories Winter 2007 pg4

Short Stories

  Barbarat  by Gary Moshimer-  ***Editor's Pick!

  This Guy Meets This Girl  by Timothy Edgar (pg 2)

  Two For One   by Dixon Hearne (pg.2)

  Snowstorm  by Max Dinkman (pg 3)

  Bored and Lonely? by Nicola Peck (pg 3)

  Wild Times in 1957 San Francisco  by Gary Beck (pg 4)


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