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Poetry - Winter 2007-Page 2


shadow wager

by Dawn DiBartolo

formerly indefatigable,
she huddles in the shallows
of passion, awaiting resurrection
        to the depths...
tempting fate with passing fancy...
its dangerous to tease
        the devil,
and he warns her
~ shadows fade,
merge with the darkness
        when it comes...


elevator train

out of boredom
or curiosity, i jumped
        on board,
pushed the button
        marked heaven.
as i began to descend,
what seemed like only one floor,
my heart rose, pulsed
        in my throat.
i was afraid of
        open doors,
and these split to reveal
a boiler room hell -
lead pipes and steam
right in front of me,
but no one waiting.
the doors began
        to come together
and relief washed over me.
just before they shut completely,
a harried man of buttered toast
in a cool ash business suit,
        red tie,
slid thru.  "thank God."
        he proclaimed,
and hit the same button
        i had
to end up where i was.
instead of up, we traveled
bending with the tracks
i'd not seen before.
we traveled long
        without words,
and he checked his watch
i fretted over the growing distance
between me and those i loved ~
how would i ever return?
finally, we stopped.
before he disembarked,
he leaned in, as if
        to kiss me,
came close enough
to steal my breath
        into his lungs,
though we never quite connected.
he left me there, alone
        and hollow,
and i awoke not sure
if i ever made it back.


As the leaves

Winter has claimed me...

The leaves change color
To match my moods,
Let loose their grasp
To something solid
And dance with the breeze...

Cold and blowing thru me
Like the memories
That fade with time.
The sun
Will always shine,
But days were once
Long &


As you laid your summer
Up inside me;
Rest was the pace
Of our days, and...

Well, whatever the case,
Winter has come to claim me,
And the ashes from our flame
Fall gray to match my mood
Cuz I've had to let loose
My grasp to all things solid,
Hoping the ethereal nature
Of love
Would keep me afloat.


Bio:Dawn DiBartolo lives in Sacramento, California with her three children. She has been writing for most of her 35 years, and has previously published a collection of her poetry entitled "Love and Other Eternities", which is available at <http://www.publishamerica.com/orderinginfo.htm> .