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Fall 2011  Poetry


Poetry Page 1

Bats In The Attic  by Bruce McRae

Three Dimensions  by George Korolog

Mandalic Gyre   by KD Hazelwood

Poetry Page 2

The Mountains of Marin   by Santiago del Dardano Turann

Ode To A Raindrop   by William Wright Harris

Ode To A Greek Salad   by William Wright Harris

One Grain  by Allison Grayhurst

Poetry Page 3

Learning Temperance by Allison Grayhurst

Your Own (After Jane Kenyon)  by Rick Bailey

Taylor Beth   by Mayim Moonchild

The Yoyo Man   by Marigold Blue

Poetry Page 4

According To Seamus  by David Simms

Striking Back  by Mike Berger

The List   by Kelly Reed