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Poetry 2 Fall 2011




      ( dedicated to Alexander Wraith)

      by Santiago del Dardano Turann


The mountains of Marin are blurry ripples

Of plasma painted by dawn's cresting spirals.

They rise in shifting purple and in gray

Beyond the placid waters of the Bay.


Are they illusions far beyond my reach

There on the thin horizon's glassy beach

And if my feet touched on their rocky trails

Would footprints show what's hidden in the veils?


The universe, with all we know and see

Is just a scratch upon eternity;

A holographic mist from dancing currents

Of a River deep as it is silent.


It's broader landscapes are all built of 'dark

Matter' much more spooky than a quark

That lay around and in us, yet mankind


To all those worlds and vistas is left blind.


Bio: Santiago was born in April of 1968 in Cincinnati, Ohio and grew-up in rural Butler county. He does not have a college degree and has worked blue collar jobs his whole adult life. His  main interest besides poetry is martial arts. www.dardanidae.yolasite.com




          Ode To A Raindrop


                  by  William Wright Harris



I am a god,

     or at least,

          a part of one.

I spiral,

     turn in the air,

          a broken tear

falling from clouds

     upon the tops

          of umbrellas.

I can make mud,

     even puddles,

          cradles for toy boats

estuaries that

     boots may

          jump into.

I am an unborn

     snowflake, a

          tiny river falling

to the earth in

     a single, happy,

          deadly fall.






ode to a greek salad


by  William Wright Harris



tomatoes red as achilles’ blood left in the land of ilion

kalamata olives deep as helen’s hair


cucumbers proud as pan then happily sliced

feta cheese white as the clouds in zeus’ beard


bell peppers greener than the gaze of hera

onions purple the cold lips of cassandra bent skyward


olive oil poured like ambrosia over

lettuce as crisp as the hips of gaia


held lovingly in your hand before

being thrust inside you


being needed

being loved


at once nourishing and pleasing

i envy you.


Bio: William Wright Harris's  poetry has appeared in such literary anthologies as Immortal Verse and Favourite Memories, through such online publications as Poet's Ink and Languageandculture.net, and literary magazines such as Write On!!! and Ascending Aspirations. He is  a student of English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Tennessee- Knoxville, and has been fortunate enough to study poetry in the workshop setting from Marilyn Kallet, Arthur Smith, Jessie Janeshek and Marcel Brouwers. He has also been lucky enough to receive several awards, such as the Editor’s Choice Award from Poetry.com as well as be published in three countries: England, Canada, and of course, his native United States of America.






One Grain

  by Allison Grayhurst


Bring me home

like the armadillo to its feast,

like the painter to her audience

and the captain to his sea.

Love me long in this fearful underground

where the world I see is inside out

and the laws of the land have no place

for individualism or mercy.

Touch me on the shoulder,

let me know it is your answer

and the sun will not be denied

nor will the seed die from bad weather.

Open my sight beyond this kaleidoscope

of contradiction, into the frame work of

one-light, one-way, one beautiful beginning.

Feed, me, know me.
I will be what I can be,

higher than my mind can carry,

higher still with you by my side.


Bio: Over the past twenty years, Allison Grayhurst's poems have been published in journals throughout the United States, Canada, and in the United Kingdom, including  The Antigonish Review, Dalhousie Review, The New Quarterly, Wascana Review, Poetry Nottingham International, The Cape Rock and White Wall Review. Her work was also included in the Insomniac Press anthology Written In The Skin. Her book Somewhere Falling was published by Beach Holme Publishers, a  Porcepic Book, in Vancouver in 1995. She lives in Toronto with her husband, two children, two cats, and a dog. She also sculpts, working with clay.