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Current Issue Fall 2009

Poetry Page 1 Poetry Page 1

The Pie Wilderness   by Karen Kelsay

Anna's Diatribe For Today   by John Grey

The Sunken Pawn Shop  by Peter Magliocco

Instincts  by Robert  Demaree

Poetry Page 2

Dreaming of India   by  Anna  Jaquiery

Amateur Astrology  by William Doreski

The Dogs  by Peycho Kanev

Goldfish Hangover by KJ Hannah Greenberg

Poetry Page 3

Illionois Farmers  by  Michael Lee Johnson

Discount Holiday  by  Gabriel Ricard

Going Ninety & I Ain't Scary   by Julio Peralta-Paulino

Edge   by  Deborah Chaney

Poetry Page 4

Books and Lovers  by  Carolyn Wolfe

Tango  by  Mike Berger

Vacancy   by  Eric Miller

Ultramarine Ebony  by Violette Rose-Jones

Stories Page 1

The Cabin on Hodd's Mountain   by Tom Sheehan

Stories Page 2

Against a Darkening Sky   by Jason E. Castro

The Popsicle Planet   by  Dietrich Kalteis

Stories Page 3

The Pineapple Princess  by Richard Lutman

Fat Boy On The Beach  by  Ron Van Sweringen

Stories Page 4

 Gone Fishing   by Caroline Taylor

 I Will Dance by David Woodward

Stories Page 5 Stories Page 5

Breakfast With Nattie   by Henry F. Mazel

Will Trade Coffee... by Carolyn Wolfe