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Fall 2009





                                                    Books and Lovers


                                                                       by Carolyn Wolfe

                                                     The book was sipped at
                                                           and put down
                                                       she crossed her arms in front of her
                                                                and savored
                                                          the beauty of the words
                                                            the dialogue that charmed
                                                                like someone she had once known.
                                                          some books were meant to be gulped
                                                                          some chewed over
                                                             but this one,
                                                                               this one,
                                                             was meant to be sipped
                                                                                       and savored
                                                              this one was meant to last
                                                                           unlike someone she had
                                                                            once known.


Bio: Carolyn Wolfe is a published poet/writer whose book "When The Moon Speaks" was published in 2007. She has a children's book series, The Unhappy Little Dragon currently under consideration for publication. Her work has been published in "Little" and "Literary" Magazines and she currently resides in the Winchester, VA with her husband Scott and many animal companions.






       by Mike Berger
Music filled the dimly lit room.
The latin beat invited us to dance.
I took her in my arms and began
to slide. She followed my every
move. Her dark brown eyes were
fixed on mine. We slid sideways
in  classical tango steps.
My hand caressed her back as
her body pressed against mine.
She moved with catlike grace
as the music resounded the
tango pace. Her cheeks were
flushed and lips had a subtle
pucker. They were inviting a
kiss. As the music stopped I
held her tight. It's just too bad that
she's just an inflatable woman.

Bio: Mike Berger is a PhD psychologist who is now retired. He claims to be bright, articulate, handsome, and humble. He has been writing poetry for less than a year. His work has appeared in some 30 journals and magazines.


        by Eric Miller

Our furtive glances
bumped into each
other midway between
our two tables

Two smiles, and then
laughter, failed to hide
our embarrassment

We each raised a glass
at the very same time,
so in a voice a bit meek
and containing a squeak,
I invited her to join me

I had told my wife before
she died that I would never
have room in my heart for
a second love

But as we sat across from
one another, the no vacancy
sign fell to the floor

Eric Miller is a retired dentist who has laid down his drill for a quill. His work appears or is forthcoming in Foundling Review, Calliope Nerve, Clockwise Cat, Flutter Poetry Journal, Poetry Friends, The Cynic Online Magazine, Word Catalyst, Short Humour, Word Slaw, Stories that Lift, Blink | Ink, Boston Literary Magazine, Writers’Bloc (Rutgers), The Storyteller, and The Stray Branch.





Ultramarine Ebony 

        by Violette Rose-Jones


Thrown into her arms,
into the cascading velvet night,
she wraps around me,
blue, blue, blue,
blue notes of love upon her lips;
the tightening grip of her silken darkness thrust around me.
I cave,
I cave unto her and she enfolds,
bliss and the night,
the night sounds like blue humming,
her touch like a blue hummingbird’s wing.
Crescendo, diminuendo,
rising, falling joy;
heading up the mountain.
In final joy, I leap from the peak and land exhausted between her thighs,
and the velvet night envelopes.
I sleep and dream of blue.

Bio: Violette Rose-Jones is a writing major at Southern Cross University in Australia. She loves to write stream of consciousness poetry and haiku, senryu,etc. She is a compulsive and incurable writer, and has been since she could pick up a pen.