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Current Issue Winter 2012

Poetry 1

Snow White, The Sleeping Earth   by  Stardustraven

Solitaire   by Gerald Solomon

Days of Dormancy  by Catherine McGuire

Desire Lines   by Peter D. Goodwin

Poetry 2

Blizzard  by Joan McNerney

Santa Anna WInds  by Jean McLeod

Under The Microscope  by John Grey

Diamonds  by Joan Colby

Blue Mixing Bowl  by  Jim  Kuperstein

Poetry 3

Saying Goodbye by Linda Crate

Predicament  by  David Trame

Quantum Love  by Conrad Geller

Blue Collar Twister by Sonnet Mondal

Poetry 4

Snowflake by Linda Crate

The Greatest Invention by Mike Berger

Little Bird   by  Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal

On The Way To Littlejohn Pasture  by Douglas Polk

The Photograph by Marianne Woeste


Stories 1

Conversational Hungarian   by David Simms

Dream Vacation   by Adelaide B. Shaw

Stories 2

Resistable Impulse   by Barbara Alfaro

Alienation of Affection   by  Phil Richardson

Stories 3

You Can Be Anything You Want To Be   by Raud Kennedy

The Promise of Pottersville   by Tracy Koretsky

Replacing The Empire   by Sally Jenkins

Stories 4

Trade-Off   by Tom Sheehan

It's In The Details   by  Richard D. Hartwell

Winter Berries

   by Eric Sandstrom

Winter berries in the snow
Noticed by a chilly crow
His only meat in the nodding afternoon


Bio: Eric Sandstrom lives in Gerrardstown, WV.  Originally from PA, he has made WV his home for the past 20 years.  Eric has been involved in the arts since the 1980’s when he was a film student at Ithaca College.  He is currently involved in several music and writing projects, and continues to follow his passion for poetry.