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Poetry 3 Winter 2012
saying goodbye
 by  Linda M. Crate
striped white light fell upon me in waves
of moonbeams, as I stared at the silver
moon with a flood breaking forth through
the dam of my eyes; life wasn’t fair I’ve
always known this, but it seemed more
so in this single moment of fog’s breath
than ever before; this moment seemed
immortal as circle with no beginning, 
and with no end in sight; the world was
nothing more than void with you cut 
out if it; a chasm in my heart more
cracked than the topography of the
grand canyon; I wanted nothing more
than to lay down and concede defeat;
tell the universe that it had won that I
would stop dreaming; hoping, believing —
but I decided I wouldn’t allow you to
have such mighty power over me, you
were just a man you were no god, you
could not own me with your lying words,
your choruses of untruths would undo
you, but I had to pick up my spools of
thread and reinvent a new tapestry that
was mine; one without any traces of you.

Bio: Linda Crate is a Pennsylvanian native. She was born in Pittsburgh yet raised in the rural town of Conneautville. She has a bachelors in English-Literature from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Her poetry has thus far been published in Magic Cat Press, Black-Listed Magazine, and Bigger Stones.




  by David Trame

I can't stop imagining
the thousand ways
I could meet your gaze.
Imagining. Imaging.

With splendid and persistent wings
that illude me I can pull life's strings.
Then, nature.
As gorgeous as the wings. But crueller.

Like a desert, or dark winter,
the impact of real things,
that is what simply might come to pass,
"nature's changing course untrimm'd."

Like breathing your gaze, a shattering silken strain.
A blue laser of beauty that I have to sustain.


Bio: David Trame  is  an Italian teacher of English. He has  been writing exclusively in English since 1993. His poems have appeared in around five hundred magazines since 1999. His poetry collection, "Re-emerging" was published  by  www.gattopublishing.com in 2006.


Quantum Love

   by Conrad Geller

Baby, when I look at you

I'm firing all synapses,

But when you treat me as you do

(With all those Maybes and Perhapses)

My probability wave collapses.


I hate your Heisenbergish ways,

Where Yes and No are mangled.

Let's get back Newtonian days

(Though you may think such times old-fangled)

Before our particles entangled.


Your promises have all been spited,

Your promises to me.

Forlorn I am and unrequited

With just the hope that we might be

In special relativity.


Bio: Conrad Geller has as been writing poetry since Harry Truman was president. More than a hundred of his poems have appeared in print and on electronic media. His prizes include the Bibliophilos Prize, Charles E. Tuttle Prize, and several awards from the Poetry Society of Virginia. A native of Boston, he presently lives in Ashburn, Virginia.


Blue-Collar Twister

 by  Sonnet Mondal


Sweat tries to swim upwards through the hairs

of a labourer building the statue of the herald

but fails and falls in the soil sucked up by heat,

Vanishes as a struggling animal in quicksand;

Dreams drain and entity turns into fossils as slippers

walk over it.

His weapons are a chisel and spade;

He lifts them to protest but vacuum wailing in the curves

of his muscles make it fall again on the mummified ground;

just to dig, dig the ground for

the Herald's statue must stand firm

or his existence will be buried under its

falling weight.

Toils will evaporate with the smile of the moon

The dawn will hear sounds again-

sounds of iron striking against rocks.

The air waits to weave those sounds 

and strike a twister with them-

Tall enough for the world to see 

bold enough to step over mountains

Clear enough to show the waving hands

begging a day out of slavery.


Bio: Sonnet Mondal has authored seven books of poetry and was bestowed Poet Laureate from Bombadil Publishing, Sweden in 2009. He was inducted in the prestigious Significant Achievements Plaque at the museum of Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur in 2011 and was featured as one of the Famous Five of Bengali youths by India Today magazine in 2010. At present he is the managing editor of The Enchanting Verses Literary Review. Details of his work can be found at www.sonnetmondal.com