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Current Issue Fall 2012

Poetry 1

Exit Autumn    by Carolyn Wolfe

Autumn in the Valley of the Moon   by Arlene Mandell

Poetry 101   by  Richard Lighthouse

Poetry 2

Wise Woman  by Carolyn Wolfe

Halloween Breakdown  by  Eira Needham

Love Tanka   by  Adelaide B. Shaw

Poetry 3

Lifeguard  by David Simms

Sand, Sun and Gallon of  Tokay   by Sy Roth

Who   by  Gerald Solomon

Poetry 4

A  Promenade of Golden Sleeves  by Kim Hazelwood

Winter Shut  In   by Linda Woolven

Stories 1

A Fear of Mirrors  by Carolyn Wolfe

The Artist Model  by Linda Peterson

Stories 2


Lester's Pet   by Gene Fehler

Stories 3

Secret's of Sawyer's Icehouse  by Tom Sheehan

Stories 4

Over The Border  by  Michael C. Keith