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Poetry Page 2  Fall 2012




  by Carolyn Wolfe

She stood alone
half in sun
in shadow
a tiny monument of a woman
torn like a bright, white strip
of paper
neatly in two
And so she was a beggar
who had never learned what it was to
until now
And she was a leader
of tiny bright consciousness
illuminating souls
with the vision of
elder past times
Living in a decaying era
she taught the hunt
of the heart
to the few left
who had the strength
and the grace

To stand all at once
in sun



Bio:Carolyn Wolfe is a free lance writer, poet, and author of six books including her collections of poetry, short stories and bedtime stories for children.  In May 2012  her sixth book, the illustrated children's book "The Unhappy Little Dragon, Lessons Learned" will be on a Virtual Book Tour,  and featured on many  children's author blogs, complete with  interviews and reviews of her book which reveals the story  of Happy, and unhappy little dragon, who, while trying to understand how to master his uncontrollable gift of fire, has an exciting adventure in the woods and  discovers he is a very special dragon after all. Carolyn also hosts a poetry group, "The Downtown Poets of Winchester" a monthly meetup group that also does performances of their poetry throughout the area. Ms. Wolfe lives in the Shenandoah Valley with her Photographer, husband Scott, and her houseful of animal companions. For more information, please visit her website at: www.whenthemoonspeaks.com.



Halloween Breakdown


   by Eira Needham


My engine stalls as twilit skies
devour the night to tantalize
my thoughts. I rush
for help. The narrow roadway seems
deserted, distant creatures scream
'til there's a hush.
Full moon diffuses eerie light
where shadows dance and bats take flight.
I feel a thrill
to spy a cottage through the trees,
its windows rattle while the breeze
is turning chill.

She beckons with a horny finger
saying, Enter … do not linger
there in damp
night air.
I scan the room and shiver
… what a sight! Her cackle quivers
as the lamp
light flickers, silhouetting vessels
on the shelves. I try to wrestle
with the crone,
who stirs her pot of spooky things,
that fire my wild imaginings
with flesh and bone.

Outside the wind begins to squall
as time ticks loudly on the wall.
I struggle free
and make a dash towards the door,
her footsteps echo on the floor
not far from me.
I reach the window near the lane
as light glints through the window pane
-- a rooster calls. 
She stumbles -- there's a fiery surge;
amidst the smoke, I watch her merge
into the wall.
Bio: Eira Needham Lives in Birmingham UK with her husband and Dalmatian Max. She began writing in 2002 when her youngest son went to University. Her poetry is eclectic and has been published in print and online. Recent acceptances include Red Poppy Review, West Ward Quarterly, The Smoking Poet and Flutter Poetry Journal.

Love Tanka

  by  Adelaide Shaw

a late night breeze–

drawing nearer I feel your breath

warm on my cheek;

clouds hide the midnight moon

as your lips find mine


a new melody–

my body sways to the beat

in line with yours;

as with life’s changing music

we feel the rhythm in sync


sleeping late

we untangle sheets and legs

for a wrong number;

slowly we slip into love

better than before


pink and purple clouds

seen through the vapor

of our breath;

we linger in the afterglow

of past and future dreams


every day

you express your love

in hundreds of ways

with your eyes, your touch, your smile

there is no need for words


days I have known–

I pick and choose

which to remember;

you share with me

the best of these


Bio: Adelaide B. Shaw lives in a small rural town in upstate New York.  Her tanka and other Japanese style poetry—haiku, senryu, haibun—have appeared in several journals in print and on-line. Her poetry may be viewed at www.adelaide-whitepetals.blogspot.com