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In Memory of  my beloved pup, seen here watching over a reading period a few years ago.


Poetry 1

Untitled Out of Embaressment and Necessity  by Carson Pytell

What The Wind May Do   by  Julian D. Woodruff

Bagatelle   by  James B. Nicola

The Ship of Trees   by Carolyn Wolfe

Poetry 2

Nineteen Forty-Five  (Tribute to Charles Simic)    by  Vern Fein

Reporter    by Robert Nisbet 

Poetry 3

Singing Hands  by  Ute Carson

Supplication     by   Lark Beltran

Soul Passing Through Geologic Time  by David Woodward

Poetry 4

And Then I Blinked    by Carolyn Wolfe

What I Know About You   by Kim Hazelwood

The Gift of Sunniness   by Kim Hazelwood

Stories 1

The Little-Known Hero   by Tom Sheehan

Stories 2

Cut and Run    by Nick Young

Stories 3

No  (non fiction)   by  Ron Reikki

Stories 4

ABCD      by  Andrew Miller