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Poetry 4 Spring 2022


And Then I Blinked

     by Carolyn Wolfe


And Then I Blinked

Just a second ago

you were sitting there

lounging in your chair

listening to the news with me

and talking politics

And Then I Blinked


Just A Second Ago

you were singing Karaoke with me

gesturing for me to hand you a beer

as you sang your favorite song

And then I Blinked


Just a second ago

we were laughing with our neighbors

sitting on our deck

looking out at the newly mowed lawn

breathing in the green of Summer

And Then I Blinked


Just a second ago,

you were here, there

and everywhere

and we had so much time...


And Then I Blinked.


Bio: Carolyn Wolfe is a free-lance writer, published poet, and author of eight books, four of which are illustrated children's books. Those include, "Am I YOUR Pet?", "The Drowsy House," "The Bedtime of The Sky and Other Sleepy-Bye Stories" and "The Unhappy Little Dragon, Lessons Learned." Her books for general readership include: "Miracle Paws, A Love Story" a story of rescue and light romance, and"The Moonsparrow Collection" which is a collection of her short fantasy stories. Ms. Wolfe has also published two collections of her original poetry" Notes From the Shadow Self" and "Making Waves," as well as an adult Sword and Sorcery novella, "Blade's Magic"  which is about dangerous magics and an attraction that spans two worlds.  her latest book,"Tales Told Under The Darkened Moon" is a collection of dark fantasy stories, that have a hint of humor, a hint of dread, and little bit of shiver for all fans of ghost stories and tales that go bump in the night. 

All her books are available on amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and Books-A- Million- (online)
Ms. Wolfe lives with her photographer husband, Scott, and a houseful of her own rescued, animal companions. If you would more info about this Author, here is her website info: 






What I Know About You

    by Kim Hazelwood


Deep within your brown eyes,

I see a soul that knows me.


You pick up on all the little tensions between my brows,

You know just when I’ll be home.

You await me, and make me laugh and smile into infinity.


What I know about you

Is that I can always hold you in my arms.

And later, we’ll have cuddle time.


What I know about you is

Your black, silky hair,

Is wonderful to touch,

And you have paws that smell

Like you bathed in golden corn chips.


This is a sweetness no one should be without.

(For Nugget)  2010

From The Way You Just Shine 2021




The Gift of Sunniness

      by Kim Hazelwood



And just the way

It came -

That rebirth, the about-face of freedom

From the bridge of easement for her.


Of might, of newly decorated energy,

Surely the spark from an

Interconnected spirit genius


Surprising the very sunrise

Of  this fresh sunset.


For her,

Such a relief of slumber,

My long companion,

My little, old lady dog.


The very beginning

Of an ending

No longer pending.


How clarity came along

Connected somehow to well -being

Advancing a buoyant part of grief.


Brave love lesson spirited from

The best little dog in the world.


I was gifted  the purest unconditional.


And how blue, how blue

For all the years that went before

For sunniness ablaze,

Back when my dear, sweet, thing was still in the world.


For Nugget 2005-2021




Bio: Kim Hazelwood is the editor of this litzine. Last year she published her first collection of poetry spanning decades, The Way You Just Shine and republished, CoyoteBat! 2010, 2021.