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Current Issue Winter 2017


Photography by Kim Hazelwood


This Old House, This Old Room   by Tom Sheehan

A Story

Where Meadowlarks Sing     by  Rosemary Cacolice  Brown

Poetry 1

Longanimity~Dedicated to the Water Protectors at Standing Rock  by Brenda Berry

December's Wish  by Brenda Berry

Poetry 2

What's Love   by Bonnie T. Amesquita

Yesterday     by  Candace M. Meredith

Poetry 3

The Then of Things  by Carolyn Wolfe

The Orchard's Fall  by Linda Thornton Peterson

Poetry 4

In This Jungle    by  Sanjeev Sethi

High Steel Flyers   by Tom Sheehan

Truce To A Dying Soul  by Kim Hazelwood