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Poetry 3 Winter 2017
The Then of Things
     by Carolyn Wolfe
I want the “then” of things
Not the “now “of things
My vision consists of the ...(
tharr be more) 
“before” and the “after”
The “might have been”
The “what was”
And questions circle around like bandits
Waiting for the moment
They can impact the most injury
To get what they want
Bandit thoughts
Outlaw emotions
Tight chest
That come from knowing too little
At the time
And now
Knowing too 
I want the “then” of things
Want it so much
I squeeze my heart shut
And open my eyes
To a new day
But never

new start…
Bio:Carolyn Wolfe is a free-lance writer, published poet, and author of eight books, which range from poetry to  fantasy and includes children's literature. Her body of work includes writing articles for newspapers and newsletters,  and hosting poetry events in the Winchester,VA area where she lives with her photographer husband, Scott and her  house full of animal companions.


The Orchard's Fall 

      by Linda Thornton Peterson


In the evening light,

Apples break the limbs they load.

Pumpkins hide from jack-o’-lantern hunters

And Gourds are fearful, too.                                     

While mosquito -hawks hunt the last mosquitoes,

Raspberries, blood -red,

Hope they’re rescued before their fall.


In spite of others’ fears,

Goats and donkeys skip with joy.

Purple and gold prairie flowers

Enjoy the cycle.

And Compass sunflowers point West then East.


Windmills in a distant orchard,

Their petals firmly attached,                                                                 

Stand against a Jonathon- red sunset.

Over- confident they will always stand. 



Bio: Linda Thornton Peterson, a Louisiana native, retired from Northern Illinois University as a psychotherapist and teacher. Her short stories have appeared in The Greensilk Journal and Flash Fiction Magazine. Poetry publications include: The Greensilk Journal, The Hanging Moss Journal, the Western State Colorado University Journal and Northern Illinois University Journals. She won an NIU faculty poetry award and is a founding member of two DeKalb writers’ groups. She was an Associated Press stringer photographer and art teacher who continues to exhibit her art.