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Current Issue Spring 2023

Poetry 1

Late Afternoon Early Spring    by Thomas  Zimmerman

The Old Man And The Lake     by  John Grey

Daring Spring    by  Diane Webster

Poetry 2

May Winds    by  Mark J. Mitchell

At the Sackler( Museum of Asian Art, DC)   by  Frederick Pollack

Lucidity  by  Sanjeev Sethi 

Mask of Agamemnon   by Richard Rubin

April as if Always    by Kim Hazelwood 

Poetry 3

More Like Breathing Than Rain    by  L.Ward Abel

Record of a Friend's Voice    by  Heather Sager

Chocolate Volcano    by  Michael Lewis-Beck

Conference    by Steven Deutsch

Poetry 4

Empty Boxes    by Barbara Brooks

Sea or Dough  by Marianne Brems

Salad Days    by  Eira Needham

My Wife Is  Always Singing    by Vern Fein

Easy Money  by Kenneth Pobo 

Poetry 5

Patchwork    by  Jeff  Burt 

The Second Second    by  Dominik Slusarcyzk

I Really Wish The Preacher Had To Pee    by  Dan Flore III

Poetry 6

Fowlerton, Texas    by Paul  Bluestein

Like Glittery Metal Things at  the End of the Day     by John Dorroh

Camellia Sapiens    by  Talbot Hook

One Way    by  David Woodward

Stories 1

Malediction     by  Nick Young

Stories 2

New Vistas    by  Alan Swyer

Stories 3

The  Bird Lady    by  Adelaide Shaw

Stories 4

The Chair    by  Dan  Keeble

Lagniappe    by  Linda  Thornton  Peterson