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Current Issue Fall 2023

Poetry 1

Lives of The Wood Lice    by  William Doreski   

A Trail of Chinese Lanterns    by  Michael Sofranko

First, The Yellows    by Kim Hazelwood

Poetry 2

An Arm    by DS Maolalai

Auto(bio)   by Sheila Murphy

Poetry 3

If Autumn Had A Taste    by Carolyn Wolfe

Birdfall     by Stephen Grant

18 Miles From WIlkes-Barre    by Dan Raphael

Poetry 4

After Basho   by  Royal Rhodes

An Old Married Couple   by  Nancy Byrne Iannucci

Poetry 5

Braided River   by Joan Mazza

Kneeling After A Thirst    by Edward Wright Haile

At Walgreens   by Jeffrey Zable

Poetry 6

An Old Graveyard In The Woods     by John Grey

It All Comes Down To This In The End, Baby    by Robert Beveridge

Nightmare Struggle    by Diane Webster

Stories 1

Waves    by  Bob McCrillis

The Family Barbecue     by Zach Murphy

Stories 2

Petting Zoo    by Charleston Chu

Whose Garden Was This?   by Linda Thornton Peterson

Stories 3

Stats  Are  For Lovers    by  Jon Fain

The  Unintended Consequence of Invention    by  Jeff Burt

Stories 4

Payday    by  Nick Young