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Poetry 3 Fall 2023
If Autumn Had a Taste
     by Carolyn Wolfe
If Autumn had a taste
it would be apple cider
sipping cider your mind wanders
to Autumn leaves
bright and full in the trees
you breathe in the scent
of winey, over ripe apples
drifting in the air
you hear echoes of
children loudly calling
"trick or treat."
and the light of the Jack O' Lanterns
become instead, the fireglow
from wood stoves, cozy fireplaces
and campfires holding back the dark
in the deep wood
Hearth and Home
Holidays and Baking
crisp walks on crackling leaves
favorite sweaters
and the tang of frost
coming over the horizon
all this in the first sip
so you take another..
Bio: Carolyn Wolfe is a free-lance writer, published poet, and author of 11 books, four of which are illustrated children's books. Those include, "Am I YOUR Pet?", "The Drowsy House," "The Bedtime of The Sky and Other Sleepy-Bye Stories" and "The Unhappy Little Dragon, Lessons Learned. Her books for general readership include: "Miracle Paws, A Love Story" a story of rescue and light romance, and "The Moonsparrow Collection" which is a collection of her short fantasy stories. Ms. Wolfe has also published three collections of her original poetry" Notes From the Shadow Self" and "Making Waves," and "April Snow, A Journey Through Grief" as well as an adult Sword and Sorcery novella, "Blade's Magic" which is about dangerous magics and an attraction that spans two worlds. Her latest book, “Tales Told Under The Darkened Moon" is a collection of dark fantasy stories, that have a hint of humor, a hint of dread, and little bit of shiver for all fans of ghost stories and tales that go bump in the night.  Ms. Wolfe lives in the Shenandoah Valley with a houseful of her own rescued, animal companions. Her books are primarily available on Amazon.com, but can also be found online at Barnes & Noble and Books-A- Million websites. For more information please visit: http://wolfecarolyn.wix.com/carolyn-storyteller
    by Stephen Grant
A bird hit my window, hard, not my fault, nor god’s either,
(she doesn’t exist and couldn’t care less, one way or the other),
echoing the deceptive translucence of twilight after you had
vanished into the purple haze and left only vaporous trails, an
elliptically vague air pocket for the forlorn bird and me
I live in life’s penumbra, that moody abyss between the maybe
and the real, catching only tail winds, crossing fiercely turbulent
jet streams to know your wise heart, measuring our lives, without
pause, from ladles to shovels, roughly the real shelf-life of a Twinkie,
maybe 93 years (not likely that few) but good enough for that bird
who, after the shock of her ordeal and embarrassment of her misadventure,
gathered her ruffled feathers and flew away, without a word of goodbye.
Bio: Stephen Grant is a Toronto poet and writer, most recently found in In Parentheses.
18 Miles from Wilkes-Barre
       by Dan Raphael

lightning’s too forceful and quick to just tickle

ripping the sky with light

straining the sails of local space

rain coming from 3 or more directions

not counting the ground, trying to spit back

while gulping as much as possible

and the trees, some remembering stories

some wanting to shut their eyes

while the leaf mouths eager to take in

what could be their last breath

slithering threads of rain in a sky-wide jailbreak

joyous to be so much closer to lake, river and sea


Bio: Dan Raphael's poetry collection In the Wordshed was published by LastWord Press in December of '22.More recent poems appear in Lothlorien, Impspired, In Parentheses, Otoliths and A Too Powerful Word. Most Wednesdays dan writes and records a current events poem for The KBOO Evening News.