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Current Issue Fall 2015

Poetry 1

Leaves   by Tom Sheehan

October   by Terri Hadley Ward

Dance of The Goldenrod   by   Linda Thornton Peterson

Poetry 2

After The Burning of The Cane Fields    by John Grey

Digging Potatoes   by Terri Hadley Ward

Between The Dimensions of Cheetah and Sloth    by Kim Hazelwood

Poetry 3

Untitled Because   by John Berry

It Begins  by Marilyn Stearns

Eruptions  by Marilyn Stearns

I Love Art   by  Bonnie  Amesquita

Poetry 4

My Friends The Mathematicians    by  James B. Nicola

Master of The Universe    by James B. Nicola

Discovery of The Wheel   by  Reed Venrick

Poetry 5

Betraying  by Yuan Changming

Ebb & Flow   by Glenda Walker

#3 Transition  by Glenda Walker

Gumsmoke   by  Gary Langford

Stories 1

Scrawleg and the Turban Man  by Tom Sheehan

The Shoes by  Kathryn O'Donnell

Stories 2

Fear of Mirrors  by Carolyn Wolfe

House on Langton Road   by Rosemary Cacolice Brown

Stories 3

Audition   by Gary Beck

Ask Gabriella    by Joe Giordano