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Poetry 1 Fall 2015





    by Tom Sheehan

I pay attention to leaves,

their first pastel places

in May, thick shrouds of July

when air’s heavy with heat

and boils a shimmering


like angels dancing windowsills,

or October’s furnace spectrum

of blood red and Halloween orange

as they flee their cool roosts

in helter-skelter solo flights.


Low rays of autumn sun, slanted,

closer but meeker, pass through

a leaf held up for inspection.

Routes of landscaped veins

and grid-lined filaments under


the solar microscope read

like the backs of my father’s

hands, his long journeys

past dusk, and short payday’s

dreams turned over by toil.


April’s piles, strategically

placed on October loam beds,

yield trout worms finger-thick,

the river sounds its white water,

and bottom leaves shine like new


shoes, walnut skins, or obsidian.

Even as leaves nestle into ditches,

under brush, against fence lines,

into low damp places where water

changes shape and can be carried


without a bucket, tree roots,

tediously slow, furtive, slip

into secret streams I’ll never see,

ready to drink and drink and drink

when the Earth turns to the sun.


Bio:Tom Sheehan has work in Ocean MagazineRosebud, Linnet’s Wings, Serving House Journal, EclecticaCopperfield Review,KYSO FlashLa Joie Magazine, Soundings East, Vermont Literary Review, Literary OrphansIndiana Voices Journal, Frontier Tales,Western Online Magazine, Provo Canyon Review, 3 AM Magazine, Vine Leaves Journal, Nazar Look, EastlitRope & Wire Magazine, The Literary Yard, Green Silk Journal, Fiction on the Web, The Path, Faith-Hope and Fiction, The Cenacle, etc.

In the Garden of Long Shadows and The Nations (2014), and Where Skies Grow Wide (2015) newly published by Pocol Press, and Six Guns, Inc., 2015, by Nazar Look in Romania, as a surprise 87th birthday present, print copy as well as an eBookSome reviews may be found on Serving House Journal. He has 28 Pushcart nominations, and several Best of the Net and other awards, two Best of the Net selections coming from separate publishers this month.

Nazar Look Books in Romania awarded him The Nazar Look Short Story Award for 2012 and 2014.) Two new collections have been proposed to publishers; Fables, Fairy Stories, Folk Lore and Fantasies and Back Home in Saugus, 90,000 words, 200 pages of fiction, CNF and poetry.


     by  Terri Hadley Ward
Let go. 
Toss to the fire the dead wood, 
clay mask self that stares with glazed eyes 
and dances on splintered legs,
the empty shell, husk puppet
that scratches your soul like a too-small sweater.
Set down beside the river your open wounds,
ragged and bleeding where you plunge your hands
again and again to feel the tender ache.
Lie down in the tired grass, watered
with the salt sting of your fear,
and wait with open hands 
for God to lie down beside you. 
In the backyard, the trees surrender to the earth
the crumbling, browning pieces of their lives,
trusting the Mother to hold in her womb
the promise of greening waiting to be born.
Above the blue, the wild geese trumpet 
their leaving song, the prayer that wakes your soul 
from its dark cocoon, screaming and joyful, 
as they chase the sunlight through the wilderness 
of your unspoken truth.
Let go.
Bio: Terri Hadley Ward is a writer and artist who gains creative inspiration from being in nature. Her poems have appeared in The Greensilk JournalThe MOON magazine, When Women Waken, and The Magnolia Review. In addition to writing poetry, she nourishes her soul through yoga, meditation, and painting. She recently finished her first chapbook, Songs of the Wild She, and is currently at work on her first full-length book of poetry.




     by Linda Thornton Peterson                                                            


The wind blows                                        

The rods sway

They know the tune


Music, nature’s choice

With notes of

Gold and green


Wind, the conductor

Chooses the beat


While raindrops

Play the drums


Clouds’ shadows

Add the pause


The wind chills

Notes turn

Orange and brown


Petals fall

Rods droop and

Take their bow


Bio: Linda Thornton Peterson, a Louisiana native, retired from Northern Illinois University as a psychotherapist and teacher. Her short stories have appeared in The Greensilk Journal and Flash Fiction Magazine. Poetry publications include: The Greensilk Journal, The Hanging Moss Journal, the Western State Colorado University Journal and a Northern Illinois University Journal. She won an NIU faculty poetry award and is a founding member of two DeKalb writers’ groups. She was an Associated Press stringer photographer and an art teacher who continues to exhibit her art and write.