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Spring 2018 Current Issue

Poetry 1

Thomas, Thomas  by Tom Sheehan

Poetry 2

Porcupine Defense   by Mark Weinrich

Ode  to  a Bone    by Beth Duncan

A  Rainy  Day     by James G. Piatt

Poetry 3

We Are Sweet   by Nanette Rayman

Waking Up to Cat  by  James B. Nicola

Lay Down    by John Grey

Streetlife    by Robert Beveridge

Poetry 4

Depth Finder    by  Richard Luftig

With My Hands in Water   by  A.J. Huffman

Writer   by  Valentina Cano

Homage to Japan    by Norma Sadler  

Poetry 5

The Last Thunder of the Season  by  William Doreski

Into The Power      by Robert L. Martin

Springvale   by  Neil Leadbetter

Stories 1

Citizen Sam    by Greg Jenkins

Stories 2

The  End  Of  The  World     by Nigel Ford

Stories 3

The  Hermit  of  Breakheart  Woods     by Tom Sheehan