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Poetry 4 Spring 2024
A Late Thank You Note to Heraclites
      by Richard Weaver
Today the river
dreams a kiss
that catches us
but willing
to open
to its current,
its circumstances.
Today we met
by the river
for the first time.
We kiss
for first time
and the river
and waits
and waits
before stepping
without us.
Bio: Post-Covid, the author has returned as the writer-in-residence at the James Joyce Pub in Baltimore. Other pubs: conjunctions, Louisville Review, Southern Quarterly, Birmingham Arts Journal, Coachella Review, FRIGG, Hollins Critic, Xavier Review, Atlanta Review, Dead Mule, Vanderbilt Poetry Review, & New Orleans Review. He’s the author of The Stars Undone (Duende Press, 1992), and wrote the libretto for a symphony, Of Sea and Stars (2005) which has been performed 3 times in Alabama, and once at Juilliard in NYC. He was one of the founders of the Black Warrior Review and its Poetry Editor for the first three years.  His 200th prose poem was recently accepted.
Psalm to the Universe
      by M F Drummy
After checking the weather 
forecast yesterday, today is 
exactly what I thought it 
would be: Late winter, bright 
sun, a slight chinook, distant 
peaks still snowcapped. 
Spring’s promise in the air! 
How can I not offer 
a thousand thanks to 
the unknown star 
that exploded billions 
of years ago 
so this one magnificent day 
could be delivered unto me?
Bio: M F Drummy holds a PhD in historical theology from Fordham University. He is the author of numerous articles, essays, poems, reviews, and a monograph on religion and ecology. His work has appeared, or will appear, in Allium, [Alternate Route], Anti-Heroin Chic, Ars Sententia, Emerge, the engine(idling, FERAL, Main Street Rag, Marbled Sigh, Poemeleon, The Rumen, Scarlet Dragonfly, Viridian Door, Winged Penny Review, and many others. He and his way cool life partner of over 20 years enjoy splitting their time between the Colorado Rockies and the rest of the planet. He can be found at: Instagram @miguelito.drummalino Website https://bespoke-poet.com



For One Splendid Summertime Hour

       by Kim Hazelwood


This lovely hour
Of ten a.m. on a mid-June day,
The bristle and buzz of grassy flowers shooting up,
Where the greening, budding and blooming are so loud,
They’re quiet.
How sweet the coming of eleven or eleven-thirty,
Last call before it becomes too hot,
Too hot~
Even up here in the east,
Some thousand miles and more 
From where I was formally raised,
From the depths of heat in hell.
It all starts to breathe, flooding back.
Winkles in waves,
The summertime memories of being a kid!
That faraway place unfailing with perpetual sunbeams,
The honey amber frolic of youth, 
Sometimes it began with cartwheels.
Shrieking from incoming water balloons,
Dirt clod ambushes,
Between the box shrubs, shhh..
Hiding from the boys, those devilish boys,
Dashing through sprinklers,
Slip and Slide, 
Drinks from hoses,
And then there’s  
That high-rise glass of lemonade
Or grape-y Kool-Aid,
Whatever icy sugar fest
Likely in metallic tumblers  
Chilled and beaded.
Drained quickly.
Kid time exhaustion 
From volleyball and tetherball,
Rock collecting, a prize in quartzes, 
Maybe fossils from forbidden alleyways of muddy mysteries,
After Barbie dramas 
And 45’s record dance party hops.
Plopping down on the davenport,
(That’s what my best friend’s family used to call a couch~
They were from Ohio)
All of us kids piled together,
Trying to get as close to the window unit as possible.
Maybe watch, 
The Munsters,
Dark Shadows or Gilligan’s Island.
Near the card table spread for Clue, later. 
Just to be a kid again,
With this young biopic sidelight heartstring tug
For those rather dear years
I keep so fondly stargazing into  
For just one splendid summertime hour.
With that near midday heat lamp,
The beacon blaze casting memories
Never caught in the neighborhood dodge ball lineup
Never spanned, or forewarned 
How the incoming recaptures of juvenile junctures 
Could trigger such a treasure,
Enshrine it so.
Bio:  Kim Hazelwood is the founder and poetry editor of The Green Silk Journal online since 2005. Recently, she had the honor of being one of the contest judges for The Poetry Society of Virginia, and was published in Macrame, a literary journal, with others soon TBA. She is the author of a poetry collection, The Way You Just Shine (2021) and  CoyoteBat! (2011,2021), a children’s book.  Currently she is crafting a second poetry book. She greatly enjoys playing music with her husband in their 70’s folk rock duo, painting and spending precious time with her granddaughter.