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Poetry 4  Spring 2014



Dylan Heading Home  by Tom Sheehan/ Photo by Jamie Sheehan.

BIO:Sheehan served in the 31st Infantry, Korea 1951. Books are Epic Cures; Brief Cases, Short SpansCollection of FriendsFrom the Quickening.  eBooks; Korean EchoesThe Westering, (nominated for National Book Award); from Danse Macabre are Murder at the Forum (NHL mystery)Death of a Lottery Foe, Death by Punishment, and An Accountable Death. Work in Rosebud, Linnet’s Wings,CahoodaloodalingLiterary OrphansGreensilkOcean Magazine, Frontier TalesWestern Online Magazine, Provo Canyon Review, 3AM Magazine, Nazar Look, Eastlit and Rope & Wire Magazine. He has 24 Pushcart nominations. In the Garden of Long Shadowspublished by Pocol Press, 2014, to be followed by The Nations, about Native Americans. 




 A Cloak of  Water for The Rose Moon

              by Kim Hazelwood

Time, precious

In a swift and moving current,

Where all at once

She realizes she never learned how to swim,

Faking a float for how long?

Adrift  unsounded waters.


Distant voice weighs in

A deep register of comfort.

Squaring  her shoulders,

With a jungle beat of

The rhythmic  insistence of  adoration, of love.

Where every single, simple wonderful

Thing she had ever wanted

Curls a blossom to perfection,


All she had to do was pull back the cascading canopy of

Wildflowering, underbrushes,

The Bougainvillea Backpages revealing what was there all along,

Waiting for the right time.


Bowled over by bliss,

Falling or pushed,

Thrown into the Cloak of Water,

A gift, a floodlight,

Lovely as the stars,

Scary as an astronaut’s walk.


She trips,


The Undying Universe catches her.


It’s okay ,

In consideration of  sweet candlelight,

It’s going to be alright,

Go ahead and Fall

To the depth of eternity,

You’ll learn to swim,

Even the Lion dips his paw into the water,

The Electric waters,

A bit of a Zing

Under the Cloak of a Rose Moon,

Where Leo secretly loves

The quickening  aquamarine.


Bio:  Kim Hazelwood is the editor of this litzine and the author of CoyoteBat!