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Poetry 3  Spring  2016



That Old Lazy Stream

       by James G. Piatt

It’s something exceptional,

That lazy old stream,

Crawling over boulders on its

Blue stomach,

Scratching its damp skin against

Ecru walls of shale at every bend

As it slowly flows far down

To the verdant valley below

Eventually emptying into a crystal lake:


It is a safe place,

Shielding trout, and frogs

In its sandy bed, and holding

Small children in its watery arms:


It is a special place where old folks

Can take some time to dream,

Remembering, in their fading minds,

Old long forgotten memories, while

Listening to gaudy birds stridently

Warbling in huge Sycamore trees,

As they sit on an old granite boulder,

Dangling their feet in the cool

Moisture of a soft flowing rill:


It may not be anything special

To a lot of people, but

To me that old lazy stream

Is a very special thing in my

Vanishing memories.


Bio: James has had poems nominated for Pushcart and Best of Web awards, and

published in The 100 Best Poems Anthologies. He has published 3 poetry

books “The Silent Pond” (2012), “Ancient Rhythms,” (2014), and “LIGHT”

(2016), 3 novels, 35 short stories, and over 870 poems. He earned his

BS and MA from California Polytechnic University and his doctorate

from BYU. He lives in California, 30 minutes from a river and

mountains on one side, and 30 minutes from the ocean and sand on the

other. His books are available on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.


Spring's  Persona
      by Glenda Walker
Spring does not come tippy toeing in on cats feet.
Nor does it shyly approach like a lamb.
It roars w/outrageous abandon - 
Wild fuchsia and sky blue wildflowers bursting into bloom
where earlier there was no trace .
The buds on the trees suddenly appear and flower
-promise of the fruit yet to come.
Thunderstorms erupt with their loud jangly claps 
and jagged streaks of lightning slash the sky. 
Relentless rains cause rivers to jump over their banks 
-it's out of control! 
So fierce and so beautiful.
Everything is green, everything is growing
Everything is approaching its highest potential.
Love is in the air, the sap is rising- 
In all of nature as well as mankind!
Life is new and and full of promise and purpose.
All too short and all too soon
things will heat up.
Summer will make its sultry, scorching appearance-
whether we like it or not!!
Bio:  Glenda Walker is an old hippie, cowgirl wild child who loves to create.
Whether it be art, poetry or music, she keeps her thumb in the proverbial artists pie. Originally from Fort Worth, Tex, she now lives in South Texas close to the coast. There she communes with the water, the seagulls, pelicans, whooping cranes, and palm trees. Glenda is now exposing her original, authentic self to the residents of Victoria, Tex. She is honored to be in this latest volume of The Greensilk Journal!