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Poetry 1 Spring 2016




Of Herbs and Love

    by  Terri  Hadley Ward

I talk with the trees and sing

with the wind as it sweeps clean the mountain

morning and rushes wild

into the arms of the cedars and pines.

Rosemary remembers me, and waits for me 

in the garden,spicy basil lends her dragon 

breath to my fire. Lilac woos 

me with her heady perfume

and wraps my spirit in her protective energy.

Yarrow and thyme, bee balm, and lemon,

dear friends who beckon when the sun rises, 

a yellow coin tossed to the blue. Bird songs twitter

and ripple through the morning, bells that call me 

back to myself, to Gaia’s joyful green 

celebrating the return of spring dreams.


Bio:Terri Hadley Ward is a poet and artist who gains inspiration from being in nature. Her poems have appeared in The Greensilk Journal, The MOON magazine, When Women WakenThe Magnolia Review, and Snapdragon: A Journal of Art & Healing. Her blog, Gypsy Soul Creative, can be found at https://gypsysoul67.wordpress.com.  Her poetry chapbook, Songs of the Wild She, is available through Amazon.com. In addition to writing poetry, she nourishes her soul through yoga, meditation, gardening, painting, and exploring the caves of West Virginia with her husband and sons.


Hummingbird Lessons
         by Brenda Berry
With whispered wings unfurled, 
she rides the breath of spirit.
Dressed in her rainbow cloak,
hummingbird voraciously suckles sweet nectar,
sustenance for the journey home.
So deftly she flits through life
seeking nourishment for her soul.
on a quest for truth, peace, love — Grace
Teach me to drink deeply
the vital life force
of the next delicate blossom
before becoming invisible once more. 
Bio - Brenda Berry, a professor of happiness & delight, celebrates love - in all its forms. A wedding officiant, integrative energy medicine practitioner & Reiki Master, she lives contentedly in Winchester with her beloved husband, John,  and Yorkie companions, Lily & Molly.  



Teal Green Tea House

         by Kim Hazelwood

The Teal Green Tea House

Where I sip my future

Recovered from an act of separateness.

Where an early moon rises,

And embroiders the universe

Where the lake glistens and ripples and reaches out

Further than you can imagine,

But imagine you must.


Where all those things I love in you

I find right here in my heart, first-

Recognizing a homesickness~

Cosmic trust.


How precious is life

Sweet painful bliss of impermanence.

How delicious to sip

The Moon-song serenade

Honeyed and amber

Vast and haunting,


From the drama of any given moment,

Past and present

In genius reflection,

My  Determined  Protector

Makes me laugh  and bolt about like a banshee,

And relish being so human.


Out on the veranda,

I hear a drum circle warming up,

Someone’s brought a bass this time to accompany.


Oh, the lovely Teal Green Tea House!

Where a distant gazebo looks inviting,

To  proudly  luxuriate in private  thoughts  surrounded by

Asiatic lilies and various variations

Of impossible plants

And all that could ever matter.


Where a fortress meadow

And the soul of seedlings

Radiate within me

The joy of a memory

Of a lush vale with the same dusk-y  cloud cover light,

A childhood outing, a distant family friend,

A side of the road excursion,

Where I keep feeling

Such keen importance to that scene,

The where  exactlys and the whens?


Mysteries will always abound

Tea will always soothe

And I’ll always come back here

To surround myself with heaven

To savor selectively such passion on the brink


To dream  and glean and drink and think!


Bio: Kim Hazelwood is the editor of this litzine and author of CoyoteBat! . She recently placed third  in a local poetry contest and has upcoming publications in various zines in the vast universe of poetry. She is also a member of the Shenandoah Alliance of Poetry. This summer she plans to elope with  the co-editor. Life is good.