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Last Words

   by Bob Hoffman


Great Aunt Edna asked for water,

she who drank only coffee,

never learned to swim,

and was so afraid

of baptism by immersion

that she joined the Mennonites

and got sprinkled.


Granddad reminded my father


to get the potatoes

into the ground

and told my uncles

to shut the henhouse door

before bedtime.


Sis wanted a backrub


and asked for an umbrella,

and we wondered if she predicted

the thunderstorm

that arrived

later that evening,

the one with rain

that tasted of salt.


Grandma said to open


the bedroom window

said she just wanted to hear

the mourning doves

once more.


College roommate Dave,


the wrestler,

whispered something

I couldn’t hear

and kissed my hand.


And Aunt Mabel,


she with the big arms

and the great backhand

cried 15-love.


Uncle Jack put his hand to his chest


and said better call doc,

and cousin Danny belched

and said excuse me,

and then he was.


Not a one of them said


anything very profound,

and in  the eulogies,

not even Aunt Betty,

she with the PhD in english

was quoted,


My cousin Nick


who studied philosophy

theology, accounting, and plumbing

and in that order

says this is typical,

says that when a person is near the end

that you are letting go of things,

that you are getting used

to the idea that the father

in heaven has got your soul,

that the son has your heart,

that the holy ghost has your spirit.


And one more thing Nick says


he says that the cat----

the cat has

got your



Bio: Bob Hoffman is an English major turned registered nurse living in Washington DC. He has had poetry previously published in the publications,  Sotto Voce, Rejoice, and SHUN.




Walking My Dogs
    by  Danny P. Barbare
I went for a walk on a cold and blissful day.
There was a chill upon the hill
But everywhere the songbirds sang.
The land was low; the sun was warm.
The wind chimes rang and the air felt like snow.
The weather vane blew, pointed the way
   for the chimney smoke.
But the sky was blue, the brightest hue
As the shrewd crow said caw, caw, caw.
I ignored and almost deplored as if I didn't
hear the black bird, I hadn't a clue.
We passed the houses and pine tree castles.
We headed home beneath a dome of pecan trees,
Where we gleefully went and happily so.
Bio: Danny P. Barbare resides in Greenville, SC. and  enjoys writing in free verse and going on long walks while thinking of ideas to write about.



Doing A Puzzle In New Mexico

       by G. David Schwartz

There I say, just not thinking when all these thoughts
poured out of Me.
  1.  Dignity is fueled by respect.
  2.  Time is that which is not late.
  3.  Any song sung at a concert is an old one.
  4.  Her smile should be posted where everyone can see.
  5.  Everything has to access to something.
  6.  What good are my eyes if I am being polite?
  7.  Like icons rose from the little dawn you do not need to be
  getting on.
  8.  A sunny day is more inviting than a chocolate cake.
  9.  She has a smile like a poster board that sails all cross the
  world. This would seem to make everyone feel so nice because she is so
 10. You may not be foreign for long but you can be forever
 11. Thank you so much for burning down the doubts.
 12. She has made me smile and that has made me think about what I
  would rather do than sit here doing nothing at all.
  13. Truth compels the lie of landslides.
  14. I wish I had enough life left to give thanks to all who
have done things for me throughout my meager life.
  15. Humor and joy, happiness and love I lift up to your knee cap
  and think mystery does die.
   16. People talk out loud to get attention but the best attention
is to be soft spoken.
  17. The meaning is in your eyes and the meaning is your heart.
  18. Confusion makes the issues burst into the telling of that
which ends in collapse.
  19. Sometimes what you do not understand is funny because it
allows you to think of something else in your life.
  20. The best of times which have not yet happened left here years
  21. The best of prayers are not asking the Master of the
Universe for anything but giving thanks for something received.
  22. If you promise to give the future of your heart to the more
you currently love you will spend too much time watching to make sure that
  you are not giving your love away to others.
  23. If you claim to be seeing in the future you are essentially
  denying surprise and the fact of friendship.
  24. I am too structured to be an atheist.              

25. Thinking dreams and dreaming thought are not backwards but
26. If practice makes perfect what does petrifaction make?
27. Memory is said to be good only by those who have a good one.
28.  Everyone has a favorite number. It is sad if they do not know what
their favorite number is.
29. Always attempt temptation to be better but be better quietly.
braggadocio is four syllables of abstraction and laziness.
30. Electric lights were invented but electricity was created,
therefore it is both true and certain that creation precedes almost
31 A preservation is humane even for animals.
32. Attempts ought to be proceeded by understanding
33. Windows are not made to be broken but that is what they seem to do
34. Sadness is belligerent and rudeness is extremely sad
35. Vegetarian chicken soup, is this not an oxymoron?
36. When the parts of the puzzle begin telling you were they fit, it is
time to get un-puzzled.
37. We born the night mystic and touched our hearts to the thymine moon.
38. Jelly donuts, jelly donuts, need I say any more?
39. Zohar assets more than one human being can understand. my dog, a
chocolate Lab, does understand.
40. Hungry for French Fries and for affection sever two very different
41. Time is told by clocks as well as the sun; the sun, though farther
away will. we hope last longer.
42. Your first love, mother and or father can become trite but ought
never be overshadowed.
43. I came up with the title of this piece long before we traveled to
New Mexico and hope today that we shall see New Mexico before … the end
of ages.
44. Dark streets may always be lit, but moody people need something
wise to light them.
45. Water sprinkles, water flows, water can be boiled and water can be
cold. water, it now seems apparent, was at the beginning of life and
yet sustains it.
46. That which stretches the truth actually creates an untruth.
47. One more thought and I have my favorite number, and as of yet I do
not know why that is, always has been, my favorite number
48. So here we are and what have we accomplished.

Bio: G. David Schwartz  is  the former president of Seedhouse, the online interfaith committee. Schwartz is the author of  A Jewish Appraisal of Dialogue. Currently a volunteer at Drake Hospital in Cincinnati. Schwartz continues to write. His new book, Midrash and Working Out Of The Book is now in stores or can be ordered.