The Greensilk Journal Spring 2008      Volume 3  Issue 1

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Sneaker on the Beach  by Tom Sheehan .... page 1

The Butterfly Lovers  by Richard 1

Happy Girl  by Lori Bentley-Law ....  page 2

Wordsworth's Diary  by Melissa 2

The School Yard  by Terry 2

The Elephant in Bars by Olivia V Ambrogio 3

One of my Favorite Taxidermy Vacation Spots by Nadine 3

Deluge  by Tory Brannigan (Editor's Pick 2nd place!) 4

The Last Straw  by Janet 4

Ignore Card by Jorge 4

Noah and The Dinosaurs  by Kirk Ort 5

Father's Day  by  J.A. 5


Stories Page 1
Stories Page 2
Stories Page 3
Stories Page 4
Stories Page-5
Poetry- Editor's Pick
Poetry Spring 2008-pg 1
Poetry Spring 2008-pg 2


Buddha in The Rain by Norma 1

Bird Feeder by Michael Lee 1

Tilt  by Deborah 1

XXX by Penelope 1

The Rule Against Perpetuities  by  Robert K. 2

The Myth of Grace  by  James R. 2

She Said To Me by Cherilyn 2

Joy by Patou  by  Laura Sobbott Ross( Editor's Pick First Place Prize!)..Poetry Edior's Pick