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Poetry  Oct  2006- Editor's Pick!


Julio  Peralta-Paulino
I spend most of my time
Sometimes it's not easy buying it back

Having been brutal in the past
Was so exhausting

Now to give
I started here confidently

Romance shuttles past the obvious spaces
As she continues to fascinate

I spend most of my time
Not thinking of what to say

Going with unscheduled legs
The future swollen with love

The Magpie is no cake

There should be a word for tears of joy.

Who put the I in friend,

The eyes in friendship?

And why is it a ship at all…

Why not friendplane,

Or the more poetic friendtrain.

In any chase,

I before E except after C;

If you want to achieve or perceive

Believe or receive,

Lest you be weird like the financier at leisure.

Bio: Julio Peralta-Paulino is a writer
from New York City. His official
site is