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More Poetry (Feb. 2006)

We dwell in the perceived safety of our illusions..........


Pam Lawrence


I lie here sewn mysteriously

into the seams of some safety

surrounded by love and permanence...

Half real, half illusion.

No one is safe from everything, forever and

love ends up transforming itself into

molecules of movement

with a grand finale exit

passing from life to death and back and forth again

thru the timeless veil we perceive to separate worlds,

but it does not ....

All is energy,

the accumulation of our minutia and nature’s miracles,

sometimes controlled like my bedroom's safety...

Other times energy wildly unconstrained

by any manmade boundaries

an unleashed fury with the strength

to lift the dead from the bowels of the earth

with its breath, a howling

thru someone’s perceived safety...

Their bedroom walls of warmth and illusion.



Caroline Davies

From our tilted promontory
we see oceans of stars
sky awash with sparkle.

So quiet
just the shush of waves
on the rocks, a lullaby

Mapping new constellations
is a precise art
requiring concentration in the dark.

We work in pairs
observe the heavens
record measurements.

It takes us through the night
New stars appear all the time
Sleep is set aside for day.

On the long walk back
along the cliffs, dawn
breaks pink in the East.


Bio: Caroline Davies  lives in Britain, is a poet, a mother and currently working on her first novel.