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Fall 2020 Current Issue

Poetry 1

Traces   by  Jean Wollam

Shabti   by Jean Wollam

Arising from Slumber   by Shannon Cuthbert

Calcification of a Star   by Shannon Cuthbert

The Flower   by Carolyn Wolfe

Exit Autumn   by Carolyn Wolfe

Poetry 2

Conversation With Cacao  by  R. Gerry Fabian

What We Can't Do    by Vern Fein

The Clock Ticks   by  Patrick O' Shea

Wait...Is Summer Over?  by Linda Thornton Peterson

Poetry 3

Bone-dry   by Tom Sheehan

The Traveler   by Beth Duncan

Arrival of Old Age   by Satyananda Sarangi

Put The Argument To Bed   by John Grey

Poetry 4

Suddenly my Iphone    by  Richard Weaver

Espresso Cafe' Queen Street, Cardiff, 1964   by Robert Nisbet

Reflection of Little to No Consequence   by  James R. Whitley

Stories 1

Alone at Sea    by Tom  Sheehan

Stories 2

I And Lady    by  Gene Murray

Stories 3

Crypto    by Cathy Beaudoin