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Fall 2019

Stories 1

Woodstock Weekend  For The Clueless  by Ben Fine

Corn    by Otis Fuqua

Stories 2

Halloween Treat   by  Carolyn Wolfe

Summoned    by Tom Sheehan

Virgin Territory   by  Bernie SIlver

Stories 3

Little League    by  Alan Swyer

Day Trip   by  Bill Vernon

Poetry 1

I'm Not writing a Poem about Dying    by Tom Sheehan   

Time To Rake   by John Grey

Indian Summer  by Eira Needham

Beautiful Cold    by Lisbeth L. McCarty

Morning Hours   by James G. Piatt

Current of Time  by James G. Piatt

Poetry 2

Chains    by  Sharon Cooper

Thieves    by  Kim Hazelwood Haley

Sweat Lodge   by  Richard Weaver

What the Mirror Sees  by  Richard Weaver

Mudslide    by  Robert Beveridge

The Burglar   by DS Maolalai

We both know that lending books is lending for keeps sometimes  by DS Maolalai

Poetry 3

Sugarcane Grinding-1950's   by Linda Thornton Peterson

Small Town    by  Adelaide B Shaw

Love So Big   by Kim Hazelwood Haley

The Blues Man   by  Jeffrey Zable

We Wrote Letters  by  Jeff Burt

* all those nights two suns running free    by Simon Perchik