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Fall  2018

Poetry 1

Full Moon     by  Maria  Arana

Pail      by   Mitchell  Grabois

The Witch's Potion    by  Eira Needham

Dragonsong    by  Carolyn Wolfe

The Thing About Shadows    by  Kim Hazelwood Haley

Poetry 2

A Month in France   by John Grey

Symphony Buff    by John Grey

Poetsbureau In Brussels    by Mike Lewis-Beck

Poetry 3

Under a Reddening Canopy   by  Mike Lewis-Beck

Stones & Dreams   by  James G. Piatt

Photo  Dreams  at  Thanksgiving   by  Keith Moul 

Poetry 4

At The Goodwill     by  Jeffrey Zable

Put Away   by Robert Beveridge

Cradling The Heart   by Ute Carson

Stories 1

White Dress      by Carolyn Wolfe

The  Hefner Project    by Melodie Corrigall

Stories 2

My Mother, God and The Big Blue Ford   by  Ben Fine

Chandra's Promise   by Tom Sheehan

Stories 3

Stranger on the Gradient   by Tom Sheehan

En Route from Square One    by Tom Sheehan