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Fall   2017

Poetry 1

Spirit and Soul    by  James B. Nicola

Glitch      by Carolyn Wolfe

No Halloween    by Carolyn Wolfe

Teach Me To Burn    by Terri Hadley Ward

Poetry 2

Old Century Dark Woods Jazz Attic    by  Kim Hazelwood Haley

Bitter Thorns    by  James G. Piatt

Two Days   by Olivia Parker Sergent

Poetry 3

Ear Full     by John Berry

11:11    by Olivia Parker Sergent

Dawn of Love     by  Sanjeev Sethi

Word-Stock    by Sanjeev Sethi

Poetry 4

The Crest    by Robert L Martin

Pause    by  James B. Nicola

Weather Vane    by Gary Beck

Stories 1

Major Appleton and the Lady of the Oven     by Tom Sheehan

Stories 2

Wingsy  by Tom Sheehan