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Fall 2014 Current Issue

Stories 1 Fall 2014

V for Victor by Tom Sheehan

Stories 2 Fall 2014

The Argument   by Carolyn Wolfe

Situational Ethics  by Carolyn Wolfe

Poetry 1 Fall 2014

Aurora Borealis  by John Grey

A Halloween Memory  by  Linda Thornton Peterson

Fall Memories  by James Piatt

My Grandfather  by James Piatt

Poetry 2 Fall 2014

Too many leaves   by Ed Higgins

Last Autumn  by  Joan McNerney

Tonight   by Joan Mcnerney

Poetry 3 Fall 2014

A Place For You   by Allison Grayhurst

The Vines of East  Rockville   by  Marianne  Szlyk

The Raven by Marc Carver

Poetry 4 Fall 2014

Silk Poem 1   by  Joan Colby

Peace  is  Bliss   by Kim Hazelwood

Naturally  by Matt Roscoe

Technodiction ( or A phone, a phone, My kingdom for a phone!")   by C.V. Ellis