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Current Issue Winter 2010
               Poetry is truth dwelling in beauty-Gilfillan

Poetry Page 1 Winter 2010

Pamela   by David Waite

Connecting by  Glenda Barrett

Poetry Page 2 Winter 2010

The Picture  by Carolyn Wolfe

Pennsylvania  by Phil Lane

It  All Breaks   by Phil Lane

Poetry Page 3 Winter 2010

The British Invasion, Or How I Became Popular With The Girls  by Bob Bradshaw

Sannabelle by Patrick Pillars

The Solution by Mike Berger

Poetry Page 4 Winter 2010

Reconstruction  by Catherine McGuire

The Old Man and the Shoe  by  Daniel  W. Davis

Progress  by  Sergio  A. Ortiz

Idem  by  Sergio A. Ortiz

Stories Page 1 Winter 2010

Steaks  of  Wrath  by Michael C. Keith

Snow Fort   by Roger Real Drouin

Stories Page 2 Winter 2010

Button Baby's Response to the Mysteries of Life  by Rich Ives

Click, Then Silence  by Dallas Woodburn

Stories Page 3 Winter 2010

Florence, Florence Treadwell, Where Are You?  by Mary J. Breen

When Dreams Come True  by Linda Thornton Peterson

Stories Page 4 Winter 2010

Family   by James P. Hanley