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Oct. 2008/Current Issue
The Greensilk Journal Volume 4, Issue 2

Nonfiction Oct 2008

Things We Leave Behind by Christy Effinger *** Editor's Pick-First Place

Acceptance (an alzheimer's journey)  by Michelle Montgomery

Poetry Pg 1

Earp's Failure   by Steve Meador- Honorable Mention

Memories   by  Sergio Ortiz

Song For  A Tree    by  Chris Crittendon

This Rose  by  Michael lee Johnson

Poetry Pg 2

The Gathering    by Brent Fisk *** Editor's Pick-2nd Place

Loss of Innocence    by Sargam Garg-  Honorable Mention

The Lie     by  Bob Bradshaw

Stories Oct. 2008

Our Ficus   by Clifford Hui  Honorable Mention

Daffy's Revenge  by Betty Beamguard

A Box of Silk Thread  by Nadine Gallo

What Are Friends For ?  by Barbra Annino