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Current Issue Spring 2012


Poetry 1

Spring Bride   by  Eira Needham

The  Sun  So  Bright  Covers The Land   by James G. Piatt

Carry The Spirit Forth  by Dan  Hedges

Poetry 2

Chinese Chimes  ( The Confession  of  A  Calendar)   by Changming Yuan

Neptune  and Chiron in Pisces With Grace   by  Kim Hazelwood

Whole   by  Emanuelle  Cartagena

Before Dark  by Barbara Alfaro

Poetry 3

Community   by Carolyn Wolfe

In A Bubble of Bliss   by Ute Carson

Lost Fortune   by Eric Sandstrom

Their Beekeeper's Moon  by Daniel Wilcox

Poetry 4

The Instructor's Cat   by David Simms

First Class  by  Andrew F. Popper

I Love You, Goodbye    by  Gerald Solomon

Stories 1

Strays   by Raud Kennedy

Just Plain Elaine   by Bonnie York

Pretending    by  Rob Mason

Stories 2

I never Saw My Mother Sleep    by Michael C. Keith

The Comedian    by David Francis

Stories 3

A Tender Grave    by Tom Sheehan